Buku-buku Seri Metode Penelitian

Judul-judul buku dalam Seri Metode Penelitian

  • Res-001 Ethnography Essentials
  • Res-002 Advances in Education and Management, Part IV
  • Res-003 Educational Design Research_ The Design, Development and Evaluation of Programs, Processes and Products
  • Res-004 Doing Fieldwork_ Ethnographic Methods
  • Res-005 Action Research in Teaching and Learning
  • Res-006 Action Research for Educators, 2nd edition
  • Res-007 Ethnography. Principles in Practice
  • Res-008 Research Methods in the Social Science
  • Res-009 Qualitative_Research__amp__Evaluation_Methods
  • Res-010 Working_with_Qualitative_Data
  • Res-011 Qualitative Data_ An Introduction to Coding and Analysis
  • Res-012 Introduction_to_Quantitative_Research_Methods_An_ Investigative_Approach
  • Res-013 Research_Design__Qualitative__Quantitative__and_ Mixed_Methods_Approaches
  • Res-014 Educational_Research_Creswell
  • Res-015 Methods_in_Educational_Research
  • Res-016 Qualitative_Research__Stake
  • Res-017 Using_Social_Theory_in_Educational_Research__A_Practical_Guide
  • Res-018 Case_Study_Research_Vol_5
  • Res-019 Ethnography_in_Educational_Research
  • Res-020 Research_In_Multicultural_Education
  • Res-021 Research_Design__Qualitative_Approaches__2nd_Edition
  • Res-022 Qualitative_Data_Analysis
  • Res-023 Qualitative Research Methods (3)
  • Res-024 Qualitative Research in Practice (2)
  • Res-025 Research_in_the_Public_Interest_Multicultural_Education
  • Res-049 Research Methods and Statistics
  • Res-050 Qualitative Research Methods_ Collecting Evidence, Crafting Analysis
  • Res-051 Qualitative Research_ Studying How Things Work (2010)
  • Res-052 Qualitative Research from Start to Finish
  • Res-053 Action Research for Teacher Candidates_ Using Classroom Data to Enhance Instruction
  • Res-054 Qualitative Research Methods_ Collecting Evidence, Crafting Analysis, Communicating Impact
  • Res-055 The Ethnography of manner
  • Res-056 Design, Evaluation, and Analysis of Questionnaires for Survey Research
  • Res-057 Applied Meta-Analysis for Social Science Research
  • Res-058 Synthesizing Qualitative Research_ Choosing the Right Approach (Key Concepts)
  • Res-059 Methodological Advances in Educational Effectiveness Research
  • Res-060 Questionnaires in Second Language Research_ Construction, Administration, and Processing
  • Res-061 Direct Action  (an ethnography)
  • Res-062 Quantitative Methods in Cognitive Semantics_ Corpus-Driven Approaches (Cognitive Linguistic Research)
  • Res-063 The Basics of Social Research
  • Res-064 The SAGE Handbook of Qualitative Research
  • Res-065 Understanding and Applying Research Design
  • Res-066 The Science of Qualitative Research
  • Res-067 Quantitative Social Research Methods (2007)
  • Res-068 Qualitative Research in the Post-Modern Era_ Contexts of Qualitative Research
  • Res-069 Taking Action in Science Classrooms Through Collaborative Action Research_ A Guide for Educators
  • Res-070 Ethnography. Principles in Practice, Atkinson  Hammersley
  • Res-071 Learning from Research on Teaching, Volume 11_ Perspective, Methodology, and Representation (Advances in Research on Teaching)
  • Res-072 How to Design and Evaluate Research in Education, 7th Edition
  • Res-073 Ethnography, Linguistics, Narrative Inequality
  • Res-074 Ethnography (Principles in Practice)
  • Res-075 Educational Research_ Planning, Conducting, and Evaluating Quantitative and Qualitative Research, 4th Edition
  • Res-076 Understanding Business Research_ Bart L. Weathington, Christopher J. L. Cunningham, David J. Pittenger_John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
  • Res-077 Researching & Writing a Dissertation_ An Essential Guide for Business Students, 3rd Edition

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