Buku-buku Seri PAUD

Judul-judul Buku Seri Pendidikan Anak Usia Dini (PAUD) Early Childhood Education

  • Ece-001 Children, Development and Education_ Cultural, Historical, Anthrophologic
  • Ece-002 Child Perspectives and Children’s Perspectives in Theory and Practice
  • Ece-003 Early_Childhood_Education
  • Ece-004 Influencing_Early_Childhood_Education
  • Ece-005 Key_Concepts_in_Early_Childhood_Education_and_Care
  • Ece-006 Early Childhood Educational Research_ Issues in Methodology and Ethics
  • Ece-007 The Theory of Multiple Intelligences
  • Ece-008 Play and Learning in Early Childhood Settings_ International Perspectives
  • Ece-009 Multiple Intelligences and Instructional Technology_ Second Edition
  • Ece-010 Jump-start! Creativity_ Games and Activities for Ages 7-14
  • Ece-011 Activities and Strategies for Creating a Multiple Intelligences Classroom
  • Ece-012 Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom 3rd Edition
  • Ece-013 Early Childhood Curriculum_ Developmental Bases for Learning and Teaching
  • Ece-014 Critical_Issues_in_Early_Childhood_Education
  • Ece-015 Understanding_Assessment_And_Evaluation_In_Early_Childhood_ Education
  • Ece-016 Supervision_in_Early_Childhood_Education_Third_Edition
  • Ece-017 Major_Trends_and_Issues_in_Early_Childhood_Education
  • Ece-018 Educational Research with Our Youngest_ Voices of Infants and Toddlers
  • Ece-019 Early Childhood Mathematics Education Research_ Learning Trajectories for Young Children
  • Ece-020Making Meaning__ Constructing Multi-modal Perspectives of Language, Literacy, and Learning through Arts-based Early Childhood Education.
  • Ece-021 Successful Dissertations_ The Complete Guide for Education, Childhood and Early Childhood Studies
  • Ece-022 Engaging Young Children in Mathematics_ Standards for Early Childhood Mathematics Education
  • Ece-023 Emergent Literacy and Language Development_ Promoting Learning in Early Childhood
  • Ece-024 Enthusiastic and Engaged Learners_ Approaches to Learning in the Early Childhood Classroom
  • Ece-025 The Modern Child and the Flexible Labour Market_ Early Childhood Education and Care
  • Ece-026 Rethinking Learning in Early Childhood Education
  • Ece-027 Beginnings & Beyond_ Foundations in Early Childhood Education, Eighth Edition
  • Ece-028 Collaborative Play in Early Childhood Education
  • Ece-029 Early Childhood Education and Care_ A Sociocultural Approach
  • Ece-030 Early Childhood and Primary Education_ Readings & Reflections
  • Ece-031 Early Childhood Matters_ Evidence from the Effective Pre-school and Primary Education Project
  • Ece-032 Going Beyond the Theory Practice Divide in Early Childhood Education_ Introducing an Intra-Active Pedagogy (Contesting Early Childhood)

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